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Before you move on to the submission form here are a few tips for completing the form without any hassles.

Try and reduce the image sizes before uploading. This will speed up the upload process. Todays modern cameras take pictures that are far superior to what the web site is capble of handling. Usually up to 2Mb is about all you need.

Rename the photos with short decriptions. For instance, if the image is labled as dsc140.jpg then rename the image to something like Our New Kitchen.jpg. The system will use this format to display the description below the photo without the file extension (jpg).

The feedback that you leave for your agent or inspector will be displayed on the footer at the bottom of the page. Try and be classy and keep it short and simple. Remember, your friends and family will see this.

If there is information you do not want displayed such as your email or telephone number, no problem. Just say so at the beginning of the message box where you describe your new home. We will catch it when editing and leave whatever you want out.

Thats it for now. You can visit a working demo of  a We Just Moved web site in action by going here now. Try and view it on a mobile device and a PC or Mac. You will see that even though they have the same info they look different. Our sites our designed to handle mobile devices with ease.

If you have any questions please contact us and we will get you going.

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